Laboratory Ribbon Blender – PB

Burrow Industries, Inc. has developed a new tool for the processing industry. Burrow’s is now presenting the Laboratory Ribbon Blender-PB to its worldwide customers. Meet our ultimate, stainless steel, Laboratory Ribbon Blender-PB that provides smooth, flawless operation and lets you control the speed of operation in forward and reverse. The fit and finish tank is a quarter cubic foot defined for your prestigious laboratory and efficient production demands. This tool is designed to accurately scale up from a .25 cubic foot [...]

Positive Flow Control™ Valve

The Positive Flow Control™ Valve is an ideal cut off valve for auger filling of fine products like flour, cake mix, sugar, ground coffee, cappuccino, and malt. It is also used with coffee beans, seeds and other dry products that are filled in bags and other containers. The Positive Flow Control™ Valve is made of stainless steel 303 which is FDA approved for food. Our valve has been used for many years by several large food companies for filling [...]

Film Roll Cart

Our Film Roll Cart was designed for moving and unloading heavy rolls of film to your equipment location with less effort and ease of changeover. Heavy-duty steel construction and long lasting lifetime foot pump and cylinder will give you years of satisfactory operation in your daily use. The Film Roll Cart can be modified to handle larger or smaller diameter rolls of film to suit your machine, platform height can be altered so the roll can be raised or [...]